About watching/ignoring forum boards

  • Today I noticed that I still had Japanese posts in the "Unread" category, despite setting all local forums to "ignore". I got used to them showing up in the "Recent" category, because I believed this to be inevitable and intended.

    Full of a glowing unsettling rage (could be I was only mildly annoyed 😛 ), I visited the local forum to check the settings again -- everything was set to "ignore", even the sub-forums. Blindly testing my luck I went through the whole local forum and set each country's forum board (and sub-forums) to "ignore" (despite all showing "ignore" already selected) and had success with this measure -- no more posts from local forums, neither in the "Unread", nor in the "Recent" section of the forums.

    I believe this deserves a fix. If the local forums are set to "ignore", we shouldn't have to go through all of them for it to really work.


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