List of annoying things after 5 minutes of testing

  • Firstable there are unneded Close/Minimize buttons on the right near the trash on maximized window, on Ubuntu there are system buttons on a top bar where all app's integrates menu and Close/Minimize buttons. There is missing global menu, I found out there is menu under "V'" logo on the left but why it's not there where usually is, and should be - like global menu integration! Address bar is kind of wird when U try to edit url in most cases it starts dragging url or in case of green bar with Org. name before url - when U start edit in specified place then Org. name dissapears and your cursor is dropped in a different place U wanted - its annoying, fix it! Another thing is translation in Polish which looks like EN version translated with GoogleTranslator with some missing translations, there are texts in menu and preferences whith missing translation with orig. eng texts. Reinvent GUI on Preferences > Privacy where are cookies and passwords, place some search bar for passwords and cookies and put those informations on some kind of grid where I won't need to scroll all cookie domains to find my passwords also give me some kind of button to find out my password, because this is missing functionality and Cookie overview filter input doesn't work. Also I have in preferences between Privacy and Display All a row with 0 "zero" ofn the left, it's not clickable and it does anything. Pros: + nice bar loader + clean and nice skin (could have more contrasted tabs and close buttons) + quite fast and memoryless

  • Hi mbrzuchalski and welcome to the Community! 🙂

    Virtually all of the problems that you've mentioned have been discussed on the forum. I suggest searching for a topic before posting. That way you will find answers that you need much faster.


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