Autoupdate not working

  • I've had autoupdate enabled for a while, yet I still get popups for manual download/install on each new version. It would be much more convenient if this happened in background and the Vivaldi was always up to date without my intervention.

  • @jigglypuff are you sure you want vivaldi to close itself without warning to self update? think about it.

  • Absolutly it should be like the win10 update system. Close everything and restart the system to get the most out of your not saved work :metal:

  • The best way would be to download in background (with confirmation on/off choice) and automatic update on next start of Vivaldi. This way it wouldn't interrupt the current session and you could close Vivaldi without losing the update.

  • @luetage Exactly! That would be the ideal autoupdate option IMO. Download in the background, and update next automatically next time you restart either the browser or system. I don't know why it's not like that already.

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    @jigglypuff Vivaldi gives the user control over whether and when to update. Background updates remove that control.

  • That's why I said with confirmation. Point is Vivaldi shouldn't lose the downloaded update just because we close the browser/the browser crashes/etc.

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