Speed dial content no longer displayed after last update

  • While the folder with speed dial links still exists and under settings still is linked to speed dial, the items are no longer displayed on the speed dial page.0_1494836325279_sd.png

  • You cannot link a folder in settings to speed dial. You can only assign the folder in the panel or on the bookmarks page (with right click menu). Independently you can creat a new speed dial folder in the startpage navigation bar.

  • @luetage - thanks. I "assigned" a copy of the old folder to speed dial - no change, nothing there. I think I need to go back to a previous version.

  • @pstegm Based on that screenshot, it doesn't look like there's any folder set to be used as speed dial at all. You should open up your bookmark panel or the bookmark manager, select the folder you want to use as speed dial, and check this box: http://i.imgur.com/L8075iJ.png

    Otherwise, try clicking on the plus icon* in the speed dial navigation to create a new folder that will automatically be used as speed dial, then move your old speed dial bookmarks into this new folder.


  • @Tiamarth Thank you very much, so simple it is!
    Indeed, the box was unchecked for the speed dial folder ...


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