Shortcuts getting caught by Vivaldi

  • Webpage shortcuts e.g. Ctrl+S, Ctrl+D etc. are getting caught by Vivaldi even if they are already caught by the webpage. This is a major PITA for websites like Cloud9 in which most of the shortcuts also do something to Vivaldi.

  • @MarsUltor This is an already knwon issue. Until there is a fix you can workaround this when you assign a shortcut / mousegesture to enable / disable shortcuts.
    Settings --> Keyboard --> in the "Page" section --> assign a shortcut to "Disable Keyboard Shortcuts"

  • It seems like it shouldn't be too hard with the commands API

  • Moderator

    If it would be as easy as you say with your proposed API, Vivaldi devs would have fixed the problem many month ago.

    The interface of Vivaldi is built on React and with the knowledge if have not all parts use Chromium API code.

    The bubbling up of webpages's key strokes into Vivaldi is a known bug and the fixing is in progress.

  • Just want to add a note.
    There is one case when key strokes bubbling looks cool!
    We use Codemirror code editing/highlighting JS library, which has "Fullscreen" addon.
    Here is demo:
    When I press F11 in editor area I got real code full screen view with Vivaldi immediately, not like semi-full screen/two step full screen views with other browsers.
    (but, yes, when I use codemirror inside iframe, F11 effect looks rather ugly)


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