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  • I want to suggest you to change fonts menu in Vivaldi. It looks really ugly with those underlines on some words. Remove those underlines, make it better looking plz:

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    The underlines shows users the key for keyboard selection of menu.
    This will not removed at this state of development.

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    @Ditendra This is a Windows setting. If you don't know the purpose of Access Keys you can disable them.

  • @Pesala
    This has nothing to do with Windows. Other browsers have nice looking menus without underlines.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    There's no need to show them. They look ugly. If you care for design, you should remove them.
    This is how nice, clean and tidy Opera menu looks:

    Almost all modern browsers and apps don't use those ugly underline menus. Haven't seen them for so long, lol.

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    @Ditendra This is how it looks here in the latest Opera 44. Firefox is similar, and IE11, and Old Opera 12.17. I wonder which modern browsers you're referring to?

    0_1494883835545_Opera 44 Menus.png

    Disabling shortcut underlines in Windows settings did not seem to work. They are not ugly. They are functional and serve to tell users which key they need to press.

  • @Pesala
    You have probably some issues in your OS. By default that setting in Windows is set to off. If you went to enable it you should have those underlines in all browsers which u have now, but if you disable it, they should disappear except Vivaldi, which on purpose from devs still has it. If they aren't, your OS is having issues then.
    And Who uses those shortucts? And if anyone uses them, all experienced people already know about them. So basically you're referring to beginners for windows, but even for beginners there is no need for underlines. If you are not dumb, you can clearly read that pressing ctrl+T will open new tab. You don't need to see underline under "t" to do that. And yes, they are ugly.

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    @Ditendra said in Suggestion for fonts menu:

    Who uses those shortucts?

    Users without a mouse!

    And if anyone uses them, all experienced people already know about them.

    Really? I do not know all shortcuts.

    but even for beginners there is no need for underlines.

    All people can remember all shortcuts with Ctrl/Alt modifier key? No.
    But it is easy to type the underlined chars.

    These underlined chars are shown for easier access and accessability.
    You may dislike these underlined chars in menus but you are not the target group for these keys.

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    @Ditendra You are wrong on every level.

    Expert users rely on Access Keys because it's faster than using the mouse. Beginners need them underlined to learn which combinations to press. Ctrl T is not an access key, it is a shortcut key (which may be assigned to Ctrl N by some users).

    Export Bookmarks has no default shortcut. If the user presses Alt F, E they will get the Export Bookmarks dialog. However, if they press Alt F, x, they will exit Vivaldi. Thus it's quite important to know which access key does what.

    Contrary to your statement, all modern browsers show the underlining for these keys (unless this accessibility settings is disabled in Windows).

    Calling users dumb is ugly behaviour. If you find the underlining ugly, you should figure out how to disable the setting.

  • If I want those underlines in Vivaldi or in my all browsers I can enable that setting in Windows. Why are you Vivaldi devs, forcing me to have those underlines even when I don't want and it's off in my Windows?

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    @Ditendra Nobody is stopping you from submitting a bug report. Whinging about a trivial issue is dumb. All other browsers also show underlining if it is enabled).

    There's loads of bugs to fix, and only a few developers, so you might have to wait a while for this to get fixed. I can think of a hundred things that are more important than a cosmetic issue that is only down to personal preference.

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    That is not a bug, the underlined short keys work as they were designed for.

    @Ditendra If you want to get rid off these, please make a request.
    If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request at in the corresponding thread for your browser version.

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    @Gwen-Dragon said in Suggestion for fonts menu:

    That is not a bug, the underlined short keys work as they were designed for.

    It is a bug. If the Windows setting is disabled, the underlining does not disappear after relaunching Vivaldi. That is not the case with other applications.

    I suspect that this is tied in with the bug regarding the Browser Menu Bar not behaving itself.

    Note that with the Browser Menu Bar disabled, the underlines do disappear from the menu bar, but not from the menus.
    0_1494958857849_Browser Menu Bar.png

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    @Ditendra Please report a bug at .

  • Yeah, this is why I was surprised, non of browsers had those underlines except Vivaldi. Ok, reporting this bug now.

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    @Ditendra Thanks for the report 🙂


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