Session restore has stopped working for multiple windows

  • Hi,

    I tend to run Vivaldi with two windows open, one for work stuff and one for personal. Prior to 1.9, restarting Vivaldi would open two windows, each with their set of tabs. Since 1.9, it's only opening one window on restart and losing the session for the second. Clicking on 'Reopen Closed Tab' immediately after restarting does open a second window, but it mirrors the session of the first window.

    This happened again this morning when I updated to 1.10.838.7 (Official Build) (64-bit). Is this expected behaviour?


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    @alexdante I did not notice any change. If you close a window with the X button, the other window stays open, and when you close that window, that's the session that Vivaldi will restart with.

    If you use File, Exit, Vivaldi will start up with both windows.

  • @alexdante
    At least 1 of your windows is working.... none of my sessions ever restore even though I have it set in the settings 😞


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