bookmarking page short-cut doesn't work ?

  • When using the keyboard short-cut CTRL+D to create bookmark for the current page do I not get prompted on where I would like to place the bookmark; that and no bookmark gets created either ?

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    @Sparrows - It works properly here. Prompt for a folder appears, and a bookmark is created.

    Do you use any extensions?
    Have you accidentally deleted the shortcut?
    Do you have a duplicate shortcut?

  • The short-cut wasn't deleted neither do I have duplicate shortcuts. As well I disabled of the few extensions I have installed that could pose a problem. After disabling those extensions the problem persists ?

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    @Sparrows: The best way to determine if it's something with your profile or something with your extensions, is to refresh your profile. What is happening is not reproducible in a normally-installed copy of Vivaldi.

  • @Ayespy A little slow in my reply the past month; I found the problem. When Show Address Bar is toggled off; right clicking to access the context menu and attempting to bookmark the current page doesn't work. When Show Address Bar is toggled on, right clicking to access the context menu to bookmark the current page works.

    What is the folder within the default folder that contains my extensions and extensions settings so I can restore ?

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    @Sparrows This is clearly a bug, which I have reported.

    (VB-29672) Bookmark Dialogue Invisible if Address Bar is Hidden

  • @Pesala or @Ayespy do either of you know what folder from within the default folder contains the extensions and extension settings ? I've copied a few folders which I suspected and none listed my extensions to begin with ?

  • @Sparrows See

    Extension Rules, Extension State, Extensions, Local Extension Settings, Local Storage, Managed Extension Storage, Extension Cookies and Secure Preferences: All extension preferences and extension data are stored here.

  • My extensions are not being listed, even after copying the folders mentioned.

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    @Sparrows You can't copy to another machine or another user profile - only to different locations on the same machine under the same user.

  • This isn't another user profile; strictly the default profile; as mentioned in the refresh your profile link.

    I had to make numerous default profile folders to finally find the bug had nothing to do with my profile. At one point Vivaldi re-creating the default profile and I copying the extension folders from the old default profile to the new I was able to restore my extensions and extension settings; since I haven't been able too ?

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    @Sparrows Where are you looking for the extensions to show?

  • @Ayespy Within the extension list.

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    @Sparrows In that case, you don't have them installed for some reason. All your data and settings may be there, but you probably have to install each extension again.

  • @Ayespy I more or less got things restored. There is one or two things I may have lost; it's not a big issue. I hope this bug gets squashed in the next release. :)

    Thank you for aiding @Ayespy with this, I appreciate it :)

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