Extension scaling bug if different scaling factors are used on multiple monitors

  • I use Windows 10. On my laptop's display, the zoom level in Windows is set to 125% and for a secondary, external monitor, the zoom level is set to 100%. If the Vivaldi window is on the laptop screen, everything works as expected.

    If I move the Vivaldi window to the second screen, it gets resized to adapt to the lower screen resolution. That is working fine so far.

    But if I open popups from Extensions like LastPass, Ghostery or Sendroid, the popup content is not scaled down as it should be. So the contents do not fit into the popup area.

    (Interestingly, a similar bug exists in the current Chrome version. There, the Extension popup contents are scaled down, but the visible mouse pointer does not correspond to the mouse position that the AddOn "sees".)


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