Trouble copying a profile to new computer

  • I've been using Vivaldi for a while now. I moved to new laptop and wanted to copy my profile to save myself trouble of setting things up.

    Well, that proved really difficult.

    I closed all vivaldi.exe processes using Razer Cortex boost option (I normally do this to play games since old laptop was really weak). Then I copied AppData/Local/Vivaldi folder.

    But that didn't work as well as I expected. History and Bookmarks were present. But passwords and extensions were lost. Extension settings however in many cases were present so when I installed them again, things were set up correctly.

    I've been using Google Chrome and copied Chrome profile as well (Chrome not installed). But importing passwords from Chrome profile also didn't work. All passwords were empty.

    I'd like to ask Vivaldi team to please create some profile backup tool which will be able to copy profiles with all settings, passwords and extensions.

  • Look here. At the moment backup/restore should be done in manual way; there isn't a backup for extensions/password yet, but it if you still have old data can be easier with that guide. A kind of backup tool should be come, but it's not ready yet.

  • That solves my problem with missing passwords. But still I have to install every single extension and remember them all. And there's quite a few of them.

    I believe Vivaldi is really behind other browsers in this matter since Chrome has synchronization feature, Firefox profile can be simply copied and extensions remain. But Vivaldi at the moment has nothing.

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    @GBozyk Chrome is on version 58, Opera is on version 44, and Firefox on version 53. Meanwhile, Vivaldi is only on version 1.9 Final.

    The small team of developers have been working hard on Sync for a long time, but it will take time.


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