Color Picker in Debuger Please

  • Hello,

    It will be possible to integrate a beautifull color Picker into the debugger


  • Moderator

    In Developer Tools?
    Is is already built in if you click on a color definition in Elements → Styles.

  • I think he means something else. If I wanted to pick the color of the eye of your dragon head, there would be no option to do that in the current version. Wether this should be integrated into devtools is another question, this could also be outside of it -- just like current extensions handle it.

  • Moderator

    But here are so many color pickers for many needs in Chrome Extension Store.

    I do not think the Vivaldi devs will add a special one internally.

  • Why not? Most of them really serve the same purpose, that is, picking a color from a webpage and saving it to clipboard; and are on top of that ugly. I'm always hard pressed which one to install and am never quite pleased. Should be easy enough to implement and I'm sure many would welcome it.


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