New to Vivaldi and having issues

  • I'm new to Vivaldi and having some issues, which I can't seem to solve:

    • renaming bookmarks should be possible when viewing them with Ctrl-B, but that doesn't seem to work. I can rename them, but it doesn't save it. Renaming bookmarks in the sidebar seems to work though
    • I don't seem to be able to change the URL of a bookmark
    • there doesn't seem to be a distinction between the bookmark toolbar and a bookmarks menu (as within Firefox). All bookmarks are saved in the toolbar, which becomes rather bulky (when not using folders)
    1. search engines:
    • unable to set the order of the search engine. All new search engines are added at the end, but there are some which I use more that others and want to set first
    • unable to set the icon. It would be nice to choose an icon other than the favicon (if set). A base 64 code would be nice as a start, but uploading/selecting an ico/other format would be even more nice
    1. interchange preferences between computers
    • I want to install Vivaldi on more computers, but then I need to set the preferences either manually or copy the default profile dir in bulk to all other computers and delete/change everything I don't need. It would be nice to have a tool to select which items to import/export between computers.

  • @eddydc
    Regarding bookmarks, you can rename and edit url/description on both the bookmarks page and the panel. Renaming should work too, no idea why they don't save for you. The bookmarks bar shows a folder of your choosing, everything else is only accessible through the panel or page. If you designated the top folder in your hierarchy to be the folder for the bookmarks bar, each and every one of your bookmarks will naturally be visible there.

    Your search engine issues are really feature requests -- post them in the according thread.

    Sync is in the making, no idea when it will go live.

  • Moderator

    @eddydc said in New to Vivaldi and having issues:

    I can rename them, but it doesn't save it.

    Overtype the existing name and press Enter.

  • No idea why renaming doesn't work for me withing Ctrl-B. And there is the issue of not being able to change the URL.
    Anyway, thanks for clarifying the bookmarks folder/tool bar


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