Vivaldi dead

  • Hi Devs. Your browser Vivaldi have big bug. If install as portable version and run, change setting, add Extensions, etc.. (using) and close, and manually move (two folder "Application" and "User Data" into Vivali folder) to anyone folder in system then not run functionality. Running only Extensions status float windows... and Vivaldi proccess has been close.
    Dev, do you can fix this problem? This problem have all Vivaldi versions (Stable and Snapshots). Thanks

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    @truefriend-cz: There is no portable version. There is a standalone version, but you can't simply move the application and user data folders, and expect it to work.

    You can re-install Vivaldi in the new directory where you want it, and them move the Default folder from the old User Data location to the new one, thus preserving your data and settings. but you can't simply move the application and its data to a new location.

  • Why no devs make Vivaldi in Portable but stand-alone only?

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    @truefriend-cz There will be a portable in time, but with the current state of the browser, personal data cannot be kept secure in a portable version.


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