Websites are loading slow

  • Since a long time I experience slow loading times. Sometimes it can take 5-10 secs to load a website and I also faced cases where parts didn't load. When I go to another browser like Edge, there are no problems. If you look at the loading progress in the URL bar then can you see that at random points it gets stuck for 1-2 or more secs and then continue. I have this issue for quite a long time now.

    Can somebody help me resolving it?

    I have windows 10, 64bit
    Vivaldi: 1.9.818.49 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

  • @Vincent90 Same here, only difference is i'm using the 64bit version.

    Only happens sporadically though, so I don't really know where to look.
    Are you using uBlock by any chance?

    Actually always been like this really, not just this version.

  • @mdnjou I use adblock Plus. What antivirus are you using if I may ask? I use Malwarebytes premium but I don't think they cause this.

  • For me it hangs most 'reliably' on a DuckDuckGo image search.
    For example, this is on first load:


    Even after a few minutes i get maybe one more image,
    but after refresh it loads immediately:


    I seems to only happen on pages that i visit for the first time.
    uBlock doesn't (and doesn't need to) block anything on DuckDuckGo.

  • @Vincent90 said in Websites are loading slow:

    @mdnjou I use adblock Plus. What antivirus are you using if I may ask? I use Malwarebytes premium but I don't think they cause this.

    Okay, so i disabled uBlock for a moment via vivaldi://extensions and did some other fresh image searches, now the problem appears to have disappeared. 😵 (uBlock Origin to be precise)

    I suspected these block lists could be slowing things down ...
    Even if there's nothing to block it still has to check all of them first.

    The thing is though, i have exactly the same lists with uBlock for Firefox and it does not have this problem.

    Edit: Also, it could all be a big coincidence,
    since i cannot reproduce the problem again now that i have turned uBlock back on. 😖

    ps. No anti-virus other than Windows Defender. Nothing that should interfere with browsers.

  • @mdnjou I tried disabling plugins to but it seems not to work. Lets wait for a Vivialdi Official to reply because this issue exists for a long time now.

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    @Vincent90 : It's something particular to your hardware, your setup, or your internet connection. It's not reproducible by the developers or internal testers.

    You may benefit from refreshing your profile

    The developers and staff do not routinely respond to comments or issues in the forums. The forums are for users to ask and offer help to each other, and discuss their experience with, and desires for, the browser. There may be some user here who has had a similar experience to yours, solved a similar problem, or has general knowledge concerning networking or browser performance on Windows, which knowledge may be of benefit to you. We have some community members who are both smart and wise. Let's hope you get the help you're looking for.

    But there is not a support team at Vivaldi at this time, only a very small and overworked development team - and they are up to their eyeballs with the work of bringing a mature browser into world after the vision of the founders, the users and themselves. We would not want them sidetracked with individual support cases while their daily work goes begging.

    Again, I hope a community member or members can help you. Perhaps, as I suggested, a profile refresh will put it right.

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    A few people have reported similar problems in the Mac forum as well, and they can be caused by a number of factors. On the networking side, if your Internet service provider suddenly starts supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 and there's partial breakage somewhere on the IPv6 network path, these sorts of issues can suddenly crop up out of the blue.

  • @xyzzy Thank your for your reply. Is there something I can do about it to fix it? I did profile reset but that didn't work. Also, the issue does not always exist.

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    @Vincent90 That's actually very consistent with a network issue. When you go to a site like , the first thing that your computer has to do in order to make a connection is to translate that host name into a numerical network address. It tries to make an IPv6 connection first, and if the connection seems possible but times out, it will reattempt with IPv4. So, if you go to a site for the first time in Vivaldi, it may take several seconds to make a connection. If you then test it in Edge, it'll work fine... but that's because your system has already worked out the name-to-address mapping and cached it.

    To test your IPv6 connectivity, try these test sites:

    The first does a test of your basic connectivity. The "Happy Eyeballs" test will show whether IPv6 connections work or whether it's necessary to fall back to IPv4.

    Here's another one that's a bit more thorough:

    Hopefully after all this, you'll at least have some indication as to whether or not you have any IPv4/IPv6 network issues to troubleshoot and, if so, where to start.

    Best of luck!


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