Google Chrome Profile Integration

  • I am super impressed with Vivaldi's functionality as a browser. It's been built robust, taking into account multiple use cases and presenting them in a non-intrusive manner.

    The drawback, however (from a workflow perspective) is it's the inability to utilise my Google Chrome profile within the browser. I acknowledge that extensions can be installed, but getting some to work (such as those subscribed to) can on occasion throw up all errors.

    I would love to make Vivaldi my default browser moving forward, so wanted to know if there are any updates available in regards to getting full Google Chrome Profile integration into the browser. In effect, I'd love to log in, have all my extensions automatically installed and working immediately.

    I acknowledge that Vivaldi is a chromium based browser, but also some insights into why this isn't in play (at the moment) and the development drawbacks would be much appreciated.

    Trusting we reach this desired endpoint sometime soon!

  • Moderator

    @sas84_HeavyHitR: Various aspects of the Chrome profile only work in Chrome, by design. Still other "chromium based" browsers are designed to log in to the profile, while Vivaldi is not. It will not likely ever be.

    Vivaldi has no desire to share user data with Google, nor to expose users to the privacy intrusions implicit in the Chrome profile. Instead, It is developing its own Sync function and infrastructure (I'm testing a portion of it right now) which will sync all of the things Chrome does and, it looks like, possibly more. Stay tuned.


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