Mouse gesture interferes with my speed dials

  • Recently I experienced mouse gesture that moves around the speed dial bookmarks pictures. Like when closing a site and returning to speed dial my mouse gesture for closing page ('L') sometimes grabs a bookmarks and moves it with mouse mouse cursor. Possible reason may be that earlier you must use left mouse button to move a speed dial bookmark while now this also can be done with a mouse right-click. Since right-click also activates mouse gestures this interferes when speed dial tab is active, or if it becomes active after a tab is closed.

    I hope this can be fixed so I don't have to rearrange my moved bookmarks so often.

  • I can use Gestures to open or close a new tab, but can't use Gestures to go back when inside a bookmarks folder.

  • @MortenB It is a known issue.

  • @liyin Your post is unrelated to the OP's problem.

    Gestures do not work in the panels. I think you will find Rocker Gestures are already in the Feature Requests thread. (Try a search) That's what we use in Opera 12.17 to collapse/expand bookmarks folders.

  • You can flag the post for removal.

  • @liyin I could have, but I considered it more useful to remind you not to hijack other user's threads. We all do it sometimes when we're not being attentive. I also answered your question. Flagging posts is really only necessary for spam, offensive posts, or threads posted in the wrong forum.

  • I didn't know you meant hijacking per se, but is the same.

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