Vivaldi keep unpinned my pinned tabs

  • As state in title, everytime i open vivaldi my pinned tabs is gone. I even enabled dont close pinned tabs in options. Does anyone knows how to solve this???

  • @Lokman02 What is your startup setting in preferences? Tabs are only loaded if you start with the last session. Pinning tabs just stops you from closing them during the current session.

  • @Lokman02 They are still there but get unpinned or do all tabs disappear when you restart Vivaldi?

  • @Pesala

    • Homepage : Specific page (google)
    • Startup with: Homepage
    • Always load pinned tabs: Enabled

  • Unfortunately Vivaldi does not work the way all browsers work! I hope that in the future it can change, gave more options more took away the most used option (the function it has in all browsers, pinned tabs, close the browser, start the browser and the fixed tabs are there, not like the last session, Because this also starts with the normal tabs).

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