Make changes stick after update ?

  • Which file should I edit (common.css?) to make changes with CSS stick after updates ? The last minor update deleted my custom.css file and replaced the browser file too so all my changes are gone (thankfully I had them backed up). It's annoying to have to replace and edit files after every update though.

  • Currently there is no way. Copying the file and editing browser.html is a mere 1 minute job though.

  • It's known and also documented. You missed to read carefully

    Yes, we know. We are discussing ways to make your life easier here, but for now your files will get wiped after each update

  • I see that common.css hasn't been edited recently, meaning the update doesn't touch that (this time ?). Can changes there stick ?

  • No, not at all. An update to Vivaldi deletes the whole application and replaces it with the new version. This means everything you edit or add to the application will be gone after an update.

  • @Deranox

    Editing the common.css directly is always going to have your changes overwritten with the new file. You would actually lose all files in that folder if your were using @importing to the common.css

    The best way to not lose all of your code is to use vivladi hooks by den-po. Make separate css files and put them into the hooks folder, that way they will never get removed. With each update to vivaldi you can grab the new hooks file and just paste it back into your vivaldi folder. It is necessary to do this because the browser.html gets updated too but at least you lose nothing

    The files you add to the hooks folder can be enabled and disabled in the settings page. You can also just remove the hooks you don't want


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