HTML5 video scaling jitter problem (poor scaling algorithm?)

  • Hi all,

    With Vivaldi only (doesn't occur in other browsers), I see a kind of jitter in video, which is particularly noticeable in high contrast/sharpness areas such as text. It looks to me like nearest neighbor scaling gone very bad. Except it's not consistent.

    Here's a video that demonstrates the problem. It's a screen capture of me using Vivaldi to playback a video on Youtube that has content which triggers the jitter.

    Try to view it in the highest resolution stream available on another browser such as Firefox. At the beginning, observe the background, especially some of the vertical lines, and how the sharp edges are dancing around. And take my word for it that it's actually much worse than was able to be captured by the screencast. In the video I switch to the 720p stream, and then back to the 1080p stream (at 0:31) and the scaling issue has stabilized. It looks good. Then I reload the page and the issue returns (at 0:48).

    Windows 10 x64, NVIDIA 1080 Ti (also occurs on 980 Ti). Also occurs with "Use hardware acceleration when available" is disabled.


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