Looking at System Activities, it's all Vivaldi...

  • Hi. See attached pic. Is this normal and/or fixable?


    0_1494538708262_vivaldi memory.png

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    @AMutavdzija: It's completely normal for Vivaldi or any Chromium-based browser. Since you appear to use lots of tabs and/or extensions, you may recapture some memory by hibernating the background tabs you are not actively using.

    Mac and Linux do seem to use a lot more memory for Vivaldi than does Windows, but the developers are always working on ways to optimize this and make it leaner and faster.

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    @AMutavdzija The memory utilization on your system is MUCH higher than mine. For me, the main Vivaldi process uses ~130MB and Vivaldi helpers use between 105MB and 250MB depending on the complexity of the web page. The only extension I use is uBlock Origin, I disable some Vivaldi features that I don't need, and I use a solid colour for my Start Page background.

    If you have many tabs with complex web pages open, many extensions installed, enable "eye candy" features, and use large images on backgrounds, they all consume system resources.

    If you also have a lot of History or a corrupted "Top Sites" file, this can also increase memory consumption.

    Without more information, I can't really say if this is normal or if there's an underlying problem that needs to be fixed.

    Either way, we're happy to help any way that we can.

  • @Ayespy @xyzzy @Gwen-Dragon Tab hibernation on Mac hasn't worked properly since v1.6.


    Bug report : VB-28005

    I have an older macbook pro (late 2011) and relied heavily on hibernating tabs to recover resources. Now I have to close Vivaldi and re-open when the macbook slows down.

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    @Rascasse said in Looking at System Activities, it's all Vivaldi...:

    Bug report : VB-28005

    Was a duplicate and dupe was closed as fixed mid April 2017.
    Sorry, but i do not know more about your Mac issue.

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    Another thing that you can try to do is install a "Standalone" version of Vivaldi. This is an installation that's logically separate from your current installation and will allow you to see what the memory utilization is like with a clean profile.


    I also posted in this thread this several months ago where I profiled memory utilization on a fresh Vivaldi installation.

  • @xyzzy @Gwen-Dragon I followed the instructions and set-up a standalone latest version of v1.9, thanks. The advantage for me is that it is very easy to clone (by just copying the entire folder) and have multiple set-ups. I played around with two set-ups:

    1. an out-of-the-box default non-native mode version with no extensions. I didn't see any blank tabs nor any hibernation misbehaviour, although my tab usage was limited. Videos refused to play (youtube, gifs, etc). Flash plugin is set to default (only play important content).

    2. fully loaded extensions (ublock origin etc.) and macos native mode. I've been using this version all afternoon with 50+ tabs distributed over 3 windows. I only saw one instance of tab hibernation misbehaviour (two tabs still active in the task manager when all tabs were supposed to be hibernated - I should only have a blank start page active in each window). Videos refused to play in twitter and on Youtube. No blank tabs at all.

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    @Rascasse Re: your video issues, check vivaldi://gpu to see if your GPU has been blacklisted and hardware acceleration disabled. If so, videos should still play normally but apparently there's a bug in Vivaldi that needs to be squashed to get this working again on some systems.

    There's a flag to bypass the blacklist but I don't recommend using it because it can cause instability in Vivaldi; hardware acceleration will appear to work at first but at some point you'll hit a site that will either cause performance issues, instability, or breakage in the renderer.

  • @xyzzy Thanks for the heads up, I tried it out and the video is working now (by forcing gpu and h/w rasterisation in vivaldi://flags).

  • @xyzzy update on tab hibernation after 24h of use... in case (2), using extensions (ublock origin, https everywhere, h264ify) with a standalone v1.9 and a clean profile, still suffers from not hibernating tabs.

  • @xyzzy Great thread, thanks for your reply and input.

  • @xyzzy Thank you!

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