Search in address field or search field opens the default search engine's page

  • Hi,
    this seems to be the same as this post:
    It was solved by upgrading to the newest version, which did not help in my case.
    I would like to use the address field for the searches. However, Vivaldi opens my default search engine's web page instead. I have enabled the 'search in address field' setting but it won't change anything.
    Anybody has a solution for this?
    Many thanks!

  • Well that thread was from 2 years ago, lots have changed.
    Check which search engine have you selected in Settings/Search and in doubt, restore defaults then select the one you prefer as default search engine with the tick on the right of its entry.

  • @ManzTheReader What is the searchengine you want to use and what is the search url you use for it?
    You can look this up at:
    Settings --> Search --> the one with the blue hook is your default engine --> hit the pencil sign next to it -->copy the url from the first field --> paste it here


  • @zaibon Thanks a lot for the quick response, same to @iAN-CooG!
    I restored the defaults as you suggested and then selected the search engine from the list ... and then it worked 🙂
    I was impatient and removed the list in the first place and added the search engine manually which was when I screwed it up! I checked now how the search engine entries need to look like and now it is clear I think.

    Thanks again and best regards,


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