"Save Session" experience for session management

  • Re: "Save Open Tabs as Session" menu item does not list prior saved sessions

    I would like to suggest an enhancement for the user experience with saved sessions.

    1. When you open the "Save Open Tabs as Session" dialog, all saved sessions should be presented to select from too. If you select an existing one it should be overwritten. If you enter a new name a new one should be created.
    2. In the "Save Open Tabs as Session" dialog the check box "Save Only Tabs In Current Window" should remember the last option.
    3. If the current window was open from a session, on closing it should ask if you would like to save the session.

    My vision is, you can work with the saved sessions like files. Open one in a new window, do your work maybe create new tabs an close other. When finished save the session and close the window. Like working with any other files or documents.

  • Moderator

    All you suggestions are really helpful.

    But report them as separate feature requests to Feature Requests for 1.9/1.10.
    If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests in the corresponding thread for your browser version.

  • @Gwen-Dragon thanks i created a feature-request!


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