Opera 45 - "Reborn"?

  • Hi,
    saw it today on their blog and played some minutes around with it.

    My resume is: "Okay..."
    Thought after Neon they're going to revolutionize browsers. But unfortunately the ui is more a nice vivaldi theme. Expected more... dropped it from my system afterwards.

    What do you say? Something I missed?

    Found at least 5 ui-bugs on deb-version while my short test time ⭕

  • @broken666 I think it looks great. I love the dark sidebar and the way it sort of merges into the tab and address bar when it's active. But, I don't use Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram so having those in my sidebar just creates clutter. Because I don't use those services, the sidebar is useless to me, as the other items on it are essentially just bookmarks; which is to say: they open in new tabs instead of in panels.

    To be fair, they do still have the other panel, which allows you to use extensions that do open up in panels, but you can't have both without them stacking and taking up quite a bit of screen real estate:

    Wild and wacky stacking sidebars

    Also, I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but Opera's animations seem slower than they used to be, particularly noticeable when deleting a bookmark from the bookmark manager. As nice as they look, that's ultimately just slowing down productivity.

    I will say, though, I'd love the ability to adjust Vivaldi's panel colour independently of the rest of the ui, as I prefer it dark but prefer panels and everything else to be light. Obviously I can use custom css for that, but just putting it out there 😉

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    I looked at it. It's OK. You need 2 sidebars to get what we get in 1. Not terribly impressed.

  • @Tiamarth Yeah, I didn't like the decision to remove the iconic dark sidebar either. It seems like with the introduction of themes this was needed though/made things easier. I took care of it some time ago (--> legacy panel).

    Opera Neon was a joke, albeit a creative one, and they didn't really integrate anything special from it into their Reborn project. The 2 sidebars are a clumsy mistake, which they will have to address in one of the following versions. I don't think they can simply ignore it.

  • @luetage Thanks! I'd already made the changes for a dark panel, but your css fixed an issue with it where there was a white strip down the side of it. I had previously assumed it was a shadow or a border, but it turns out it was actually a sneaky :after selector.

    The Opera devs really should have just made the new sidebar extensible for this release so that people wouldn't have to wait for compatibility with the extensions they'd used on the old sidebar. They're most likely going to get quite a few users complaining about it. You're very much correct, it was clumsy.

  • The only thing I think Vivaldi could learn from this is: Rounded corners on SD thumbnails. We had them, then lost them, and Opera now has them.

    Also, animations seem to be in a lot of places. I haven't tried Opera since almost a year, but it would be nice to have tab opening/closing animations.

    That's about it. But having FB messenger is a pain in Vivaldi's panel as you have to have the desktop version, and can't have it in a small panel screen like the other panels. Opera's can have the mobile version in a small size. Those are the only advantages Opera "Reborn" seems to have over Vivaldi from a glance.

  • @D0J0P FB messenger works in Vivaldi as a side panel just fine. Create the panel to "https://www.messenger.com/", right click on its sidebar icon and select "Show desktop version". I would also select the option "Separate width" as the Messenger requires quite a bit of horizontal space while other panels are economical in that regard.

  • @Zodius That worked! Thank you, I was wondering how to get it working at all.


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