• Liste der Fehlerbehebungen: VB-3499 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'btoa' of undefined VB-3485 Regression : Vivaldi://memory-redirect searches instead of showing page VB-3465 Middleclicking in bookmarks does nothing VB-3433 Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button (only works on mac and linux) VB-3163 Issue Report: Wrong Ctrl+Tab behavior in 'Recently used' order VB-2809 Fast forward doesn't recognize some links VB-2636 All tabs opened in background not accessibles with CTRL(+SHIFT)+TAB VB-2332 Tab history wrong VB-1662 Handle Middle Click on Speed Dial VB-635 Canging tab cycle order in settings is not respected until browser restart VB-3367 Regression : Focus not set to URL field when opening new tab VB-3263 32-bit version for Linux VB-3216 Cannot close browser by top right X VB-3193 Center images VB-1591 Spatial navigation keyboard shortcuts VB-3326 search keywords don't work VB-2880 chrome-ext url completed in urlfield VB-2782 protocol is not copied if I copy the URL from the address bar VB-2015 search adds space before search term VB-641 Shortcuts for restoring last closed tab VB-3334 Fullscreen message stays forever

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