All settings gone after Update?!?!

  • I installed Vivaldi a couple of days ago and it took me more than 1 h to adjust the millions of settings, which btw are too vast and some are clear. So I was really happy and enjoyed this new browser, fast, stylish.

    After only 2 days when I opened Vivaldi a msg appears that an update is ready. click on ok, downloaded and installed it. And after a restart ALL MY SETTINGS, CONFIGURATIONS etc ARE SIMPLY GONE!!!???? WTF!!

    I never had any program which did a similar thing! Never in my 25 years of IT... So VIVALDI developers, what is your statement to this unforgettable and very amateurish error!?!

    BTW, running OS 10.9 -

    A real shame - definintely the last time I used VIVALDI since I simply don't have the time to invest another hour to adjust the settings.

    Hope you can fix this BUG for any future users. Good luck!

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    @blackduck: Moving this to the Mac forum. Have not seen any similar reports, so I don't know how it happened. Certainly it has not happened on Windows, so the devs should be looking for the cause (if it can be reproduced) in OSX. Is there anything unusual or unique about your system or the software/antivirus etc. you use that could provide a clue?

  • blackduck. a thanks for the practice laughing. You want of no help or community with the honking in tall letters your acronyms inappropriate. was that beta or stable. Of olden times it happened with every update, standard procedure. We look forward to hearing from you one hour after your next snapshot trial. thanks for the laugh, but can you remove the final characters of the topic title? Please., all instances. The advertisers seeking to make Vivaldi wealthy do not want to see that; You did express concern for future users.

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    @i_ri: I took care of it.

  • @blackduck Hi Ayespy, thank you for your reply and your concern. My system is running totally fine, also no Anti Virus or anything else. Just gone. When I checked in the 'Library' I saw that the new installation changed all the files... Funny though that nobody else had this one.
    It might be the fact that I had to do an update after only 2 days, which I thought was very weird, or did you really publish an update in the last days? Cheers

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    @blackduck The Snapshot stream was updated two days ago. The Stable stream received a minor update yesterday. Is it possible you changed from one stream to another when you updated, changed your install method, or did you just accept an automated install following an update notification?

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    This is very strange to say the least. I'm primarily a Mac user and have not personally run into any issues where I've lost my Vivaldi configuration, ever.

    This also doesn't happen very often but Vivaldi just released new versions on both the Snapshot and Stable streams within a day of one another.

    Did you happen to start off using a Vivaldi 1.10 snapshot, see that an update was available, unintentionally download the (also new) Vivaldi 1.9 release, remove, and replace it with the newer-but-downgraded version by accident? That's the only scenario that I can think of where a new Vivaldi install would not have been able to process the old configuration files.

    On the other hand, if you upgraded Vivaldi using the updater, that blows by theory out of the water because it should have "just worked".


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