Report Diagnostics setting - please consider reverting removal

  • I've noticed that in update rolled out just now (1.9.818.47), among bug fixes, the checkbox to disable sending diagnostics was removed. As such, every single install of Vivaldi will "phone home" every 24 hours (according to the ToS). I feel this change is very harmful as it strips user of his right to decide if he wishes to share his data or not.

    Before switching to Vivaldi few versions back, I was a Firefox user. While I understand that Vivaldi has a different model to it, I felt that despite not being open source software like Firefox, Vivaldi team did a fantastic job being extremely fair towards the user, for example by periodically making Vivaldi's code publicly available. It showed not only sincerity, but also confidence in the browser as a product.

    Sadly, I feel the removal of possibility to opt out of diagnostic program seriously harms the image Vivaldi team has build so far. Especially given that, assuming there's no strange correlation between cpu architecture and likelihood of opting out of reports, no significant new data will be gained. I have doubts about the direction this change is indicating, and I believe reverting it would be a correct step to take.

    Thank you for reading.

  • If anyone is interested there is a discussion about it here:

    Minor update to Vivaldi 1.9

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    @Otavnt: There isn't any diagnostic program, and therefore no ability to opt in or out of one, so the setting which creates that impression was removed.

  • @liyin Thanks for sending me in the right direction, I wasn't aware of the discussion going on there. I don't use these forums much, aside of looking some things up when I just installed the browser at first. I thought this would be the best place for the thread.

    @Ayespy Yeah, now I realize that the stuff mentioned in ToS doesn't apply much. In my defense, the change log wasn't very clear on that.

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