Bookmarks (how to handle?)

  • How do you people handle bookmarks ?

    One can either open bookmarks in side panel or in the new tab. I have side panel closed by default, so the bookmarks are often open in a new tab. It is a little bit awkward, although not the end of the world. So I installed an extension named "Bookmark Menu" from Google Store:

    It places an icon on the toolbar which opens bookmark menu on click, which is, generally, right thing to do, but it doesn't perform quite well.

    Is there any other extension which does the similar thing ?

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    @askfor I don't use an extension. I use the bookmarks bar. I have 37 bookmarks and folders on the bar, and the one at the farthest left is the folder with 24 other folders in it, containing ALL bookmarks that I don't have to reach in one or two clicks. That operates much like a drop-down from a bookmark button, if one had such a button on a toolbar.

  • @Ayespy I have found this one:

    It is called simply "Bookmarks". Tried a few, this one seems to be the best, works fast, menus don't "jump" around wildly.

  • @askfor If you're still interested in possible alternatives to these extensions, Vivaldi Hooks is a modification designed specifically for Vivaldi, and it implements a bookmarks menu. It adds quite a lot more than just that, but you can just turn off or remove everything you don't want to use.

    Hooks bookmark menu

  • @Tiamarth there is lot in this modification. I am sure there is something I could use. About terminology. Modifications are addons made specifically for Vivaldi, and extensions are those which go into Chrome Store ? Did I understand that right ?

  • @askfor I don't know that there are established terms to differentiate between extensions from the Chrome web store and other kinds of modifications, like Vivaldi Hooks. Hooks is still technically an extension, as it extends the functionality of the browser, but it's a modification in that you must modify at least one file in Vivaldi's installation directory in order to use it: browser.html.

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