can't install for vivaldi (unpacked extension)

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    Hi, I've tried to install with Vivaldi and need help.
    When I clicked on "Load unpacked extension...", but it said
    There were warnings when trying to install this extension
    ・ Unrecognized manifest key 'sidebar_action'

    After that I checked this extension was working, but nothing seemed to be changed.
    Do you guys have any idea?

  • I prefer pack the extensions and let Vivaldi install them in their correct extension directory than using the unpacked ones.
    unzip the file in f.ex. C:\temp\ and you'll get a directory named "Tree Tabs"
    rename the dir to TreeTabs (no spaces, they're only cause of problems)
    in extensions page, pack extension, use C:\temp\TreeTabs as path, a TreeTabs.crx is created.
    now drag and drop this TreeTabs.crx in the extension page, it should ask to add the extension, confirm, done. Clean the temp dir of the now useless files

  • There is nothing wrong with using unpacked extensions, makes more sense than packing them yourself. If you do want a regular extension you should download Tree Tabs from the Opera add-ons site --

  • I don't know, when I first tried adding ublock origin from github as unpacked extension, I had the zip file unpacked in c:\temp, loaded as unpacked, and it was using those files in C:\temp, they didn't got copied in %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions and infact deleting the zip and the temp dir made the extension disappear. From that I understood that it's not what I needed and packed them everytime to install as crx.

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    If you have Developer mode in extension manager activated and you install a extension opening the folder with the source and the manifest, that is the regular way for development and extension debugging.
    The warning is irrelevant for you as it disappears if installing later as a a packed and signed crx file.

  • Thanks for info.

    I downloaded .nex file from Opera add-ons site and renamed to .crx and dragged it to the extension window.Then I didn't get warnings, but still tree-tabs extension seems not to be working. It means drag and dragging a tab result in as normal flat vertical tab style.

    Did I miss something to set up?

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    Open Options of the extension in Extension manager
    Copy "Url for the Web Panel"
    Add a web panel with this URL

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    I finally made it works! much appreciate it!


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