What's going on in Ukraine? Part#3.

  • In many cities of Ukraine citizens were commemorating the Victory Day on 9th of May.
    In many cities those citizens were attacked and/or harassed by organised gangs of nazi thugs.
    In some cities though local police were defending the citizens from such attacks.
    What's so interesting in that - one may ask. Yes, this is what should police do in every civilised country.

    Today in ukrainian news: interior affairs minister (pan Avakov) ordered to fire all the police department top-staff in Dneper city (former Dnepropetrovsk) for exactly that - for preventing large-scale assault of nazis on marching citizens.

    I wonder if those who welcomed the coup in Kiev in 2014 and supported the nazi pack in Ukraine all these years are content and approve such "development" in Ukraine?
    I guess those russophobes must indeed be glad - a new fascist state is being built in Europe...

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