Annoying 3 fingers tap bug

  • If you copy a url and 3 finger tap on the areas without words in the page, the screen will switch to main desktop and open to look up the word"HTTP".
    It's so annoying especially when you view pages in full screen. The screen will switch to the main desktop, and you have to switch back.
    PLS, tell me, any chance to fix the bug in the future? I reported this bug several months ago, and no changes till now.

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    @bhanzc Confirmed. However, for me, with your test case, the gesture simply launched without doing a lookup.

    You actually don't even need to select or copy any text. A three-finger-tap on the empty white space of a page will trigger an action.

    I just reported this as a bug as well (VB-28451) with a slightly different test case and a reminder to enable "Look up & data detectors" in the Trackpad options.

    To save your sanity, you can also disable "Look up & data detectors" and use a right-click to perform a lookup until this gets fixed.

  • Good news:
    I was able to replicate the bug with a build that is a few weeks old, but not with the most recent internal build, so it looks like the bug has gotten fixed in the meantime. If I remember correctly, a bug about three finger taps getting swallowed was recently fixed which probably also fixed the bug discussed in this thread.

    If the next snapshot still exhibits this bug for you, please let us know.

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    @NSSynapse On current builds, the three-finger-tap does a lookup when you perform the gesture on text, which is good. However, it shouldn't trigger an action if you perform the gesture on a blank/empty area of the page, and that's the problem that the OP was having.

  • @xyzzy: Yes, that was exactly my understanding.

    However, when I tried to replicate the bug ( opening when you do a three finger tap on a blank area) using the most recent internal build (1.10.841.11) with a clean profile, I was unable to do so. By contrast, I was easily able to replicate the bug with 1.9.818.13, which I had randomly picked for comparison. These findings let me to the conclusions I posted above (that the bug seems to have been fixed in the meantime).

    After I saw your most recent reply, I went back to double-check (I had the two standalone versions still running in the background), and all of a sudden, I was now able to reproduce the bug with the most recent build, too. I then restarted that build, which again led to the bug no longer being triggered.

    After a bit more experimentation, I figured out that the bug is not triggered if I, for instance, open a page by copy and pasting a URL, and even then not, if I click on a link on that page and then do the three finger tap on an empty area of the child page. However, if I click into the address bar, then I am able to trigger the bug.

    Long story short: The bug is not fixed yet, it just looked that way to me because under some circumstances it is not triggered (e.g., after copying a URL to the address bar). I have added the information I just found out what you need to do to replicate the bug to the bug description and cloned the bug to reopen it. The new ID is VB-28507.

    Thank you for pointing me back at the bug, @xyzzy.

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    @NSSynapse Thanks. As you can see, there are lots of scenarios to test and three-finger-taps can behave very differently depending on the circumstances.

    Look up & data detectors are broken in other ways too:

    • A three-finger-tap on a link should should preview the contents of the link target in a pop-up.
    • A three-finger-tap on a date should prompt you to add an event to your calendar.
    • A three-finger-tap on a date that's a link should also preview the contents of the link target in a pop-up.

    Unfortunately, these last three examples are broken in Chrome too; they simply trigger word lookups on whatever you gesture on.

    Ideally, it would be nice if we can improve on Chrome and get it working (as much as possible) as it does in Safari. However, fixing the bug as it reads will make some Mac users very happy. 🙂

    Edit: I went through your test cases and it's really strange how sometimes the bug triggers and other times it does not. Thanks for amending the bug report with your notes.

  • @NSSynapse Finally, I got some one who take serious on this bug. I set double "3 finger tap" to close tab, in "Better Touch Tool". Any chance, Vivaldi will add similar function in the future?


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