Reduce Nav Button Min Height

  • Want to move the speed dial nav button a bit so it is not behind a tile.

    It seems I need to reduce the minimum height.


  • @liyin It has been requested a few times. Search the Feature Requests thread and see if it is there.

    Meanwhile, see the Modding Forum

  • If no one knows the CSS I'll just put a "display: none" and use the nav bar.

  • You posted in the wrong forum, moreover I don't even understand how a navigation button can be behind a tile. That's impossible.

  • I know, can't move the post.

    This CSS line hides the "Up/Back" button:

    .startpage-folder-navigation button { display: none; }

    The problem is when you are 2 levels deep in a bookmark folder and want to go up one level.

    The "Speed Dial" button in the navigation bar is not useful in this case.



  • It's hard to help you if you don't share your custom code and exact setup, but try this:

    button.button-startpage.up {
    	float: left;
    	top: 5px;
    	left: 5px;

  • Sometimes I wonder how to find those class names even when inspecting the page with the developer tools.

    Maybe there's a minimum height that can be set for the element containing the button.

    This is the result of the statement above (top margin is several times larger than the left margin):


  • CSS suggested by @luetage worked:

    button.button-startpage.up { margin-top: -35px; }


  • @liyin

    Things seem a little too cramped, no? Try reducing the padding on that button as well as reducing the navbar size

    for the navbar try this

    .startpage .startpage-navigation {
        min-height: 40px !important;
    button.button-startpage.add-set  {
        margin-top: 5px !important;

  • I use the start page most of the time so aligned the tiles to look centered when using 4 rows (using default .9 for tiles).

    The navigation bar is 35px.

    Will check the navigation bar and button CSS (.add-set).

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