Right-click on a toolbar bookmark

  • still opens the page and doesn't provide a context menu. Still broken after all this time. Isn't there a single developer that can take a minute before coffee-break and fix this once and for all?
    For such a well thought out browser, bookmark management is still a train wreck. You'd think that managing bookmarks, being a central job of any browser, would have some kind of priority.

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    Nevermind - it seems like I misunderstood your question. (Thanks @Ayespy for the clarification)

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    @zaibon The behavior user complains of is seen within folders and subfolders on the bookmark bar - not on the bar itself. It's a consequence of the fact that the Bookmarks Bar code is unfinished. No developer has yet taken "a minute before coffee break" to write the few thousand lines of code to finish it for some reason.

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