Right-click on a toolbar bookmark

  • still opens the page and doesn't provide a context menu. Still broken after all this time. Isn't there a single developer that can take a minute before coffee-break and fix this once and for all?
    For such a well thought out browser, bookmark management is still a train wreck. You'd think that managing bookmarks, being a central job of any browser, would have some kind of priority.

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    Nevermind - it seems like I misunderstood your question. (Thanks @Ayespy for the clarification)

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    @zaibon The behavior user complains of is seen within folders and subfolders on the bookmark bar - not on the bar itself. It's a consequence of the fact that the Bookmarks Bar code is unfinished. No developer has yet taken "a minute before coffee break" to write the few thousand lines of code to finish it for some reason.

  • @Ayespy I'm brand new to Vivaldi and was liking everything about it until I tried to delete a bookmark from a toolbar folder, this might seriously be a deal breaker for me. Why is this such low priority? Many times throughout the day I simply want to delete ONE bookmark that I no longer need. Opening up the manager and finding that ONE bookmark is so tedious a method, when I have everything nicely ordered and memorized on that bookmark bar.

    Only reason I'm trying out Vivaldi is because the latest update of Chrome seems to have alot of bugs in it and has gotten alot slower but I might have to deal with that slowness just to have back easy organization of my bookmark bar.

    If you could give me a hint if the 1000's lines of code are anywhere near done for the next update I'd appreciate it. Everything else about Vivaldi was looking good, really hate to throw the browser in the trash over this one issue but handling of bookmarks is serious business.

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    @bookmarks As a fallback, I use the panel rather than the manager. It is no slower than were I to do the same thing on the bookmark bar, but it's vertical rather than lateral - and requires the extra step that I open the panel. It's not what I'd prefer, and it's not how the browser will ultimately be built, but it works - and it's far from a deal-breaker for me, largely because I (like millions of users) use bookmarks more as a semi-static, rarely-altered, framework for reference to frequently-used sites, and not as a more fluid, continually-changing, volatile substitute for tabs (I have several hundred bookmarks, but probably don't add or delete one more than once a month or so). So it will be refined, it may take a while but not forever, and the very small team will finish sync and email before they turn their attention back to the bookmark bar, I'm pretty sure.

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    If you open the bookmark you can then delete it from the "Add Bookmark Dialogue."

    0_1497674630099_Delete Bookmark.png

  • This issue is still unresolved. It should be fixed to match standard user experience.

    Link activation straight on right click is plainly wrong.

    If there is need for 1000 lines of code to make it work, and it takes time, then as temporary solution simply disable right click. That would be standard user experience. Activating link on right click with no prompt at all is certainly not good practice.

    So, just disable it for time being, please.

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    Then (users) just don't right click?
    Seem far simpler and faster than adding codes just to disable it, momentarily or not.

    Basically, we all know something doesn't work either yet or never, just don't do it.

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    @pedja said in Right-click on a toolbar bookmark:

    Activating link on right click with no prompt at all is certainly not good practice.

    It's actually useful, so it should not be disabled.

    Left -click opens in the the current tab, right-click opens a new tab.


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