Annoying Adverts

  • i have installed an annoying adware and i have been trying to delete it by an adwcleaner and it did not work. If I click somewhere (in vivaldi browser), there occurs an advert and I do not know how to remove it. Can someone help me? I would really appreciate it.

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    @KyrtaP I have found the free Malwarebytes is a useful tool. Try that.

  • I scanned my computer with that program and hitmanpro and it worked. Thanks for help.

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    @KyrtaP Glad to hear that it worked.

    I never had any trouble with it to date, and use it only occasionally as I don't often download programs from dodgy sites. Always go the program author's original site of possible - other sites (even well known ones) often include PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), which can sometimes turn out to be quite malicious.

    Malwarebytes update the databases frequently, so Fix that before running a scan.


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