Bookmarks global find/replace

  • I have a variety of bookmarks for a particular domain that has recently changed, and will soon no longer exist. Is there a way to globally find/replace bookmarks?

    Obviously I've tried just editing the bookmarks file manually, but this then doesn't match the checksum at the top of the file and so Vivaldi fails to load it.

    Can I:
    (a) do a global find/replace in the file and get vivaldi to update the checksum or
    (b) update the checksum myself? (if so, how)

    for example of what I'm trying to do:
    I have numerous bookmarks for
    "url": "http://Old-JIRA/jira/browse/JIRA1234"
    that I would like to replace with
    "url": "https://New-JIRA/jira/browse/JIRA1234"


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