All tabs colored (not just the active one)

  • Hi. Is there a way to make all the tabs colored? By default, only the active tab gets colored based on the site colors - but it would be very helpful if all the tabs had their color (optionally) based on domain/page colors, so you can find the tab you are looking for very quickly (since you recall the color).

    Extension ColorfulTabs does this for Firefox (for now) and as far as I know, no other browser makes it possible. Is it possible to achieve this somehow through custom CSS? If not, what do you think about this as a possible (optional) feature? ColorfulTabs has a plenty of FF users and (along with tree style tabs) this function will soon be gone from FF (with switch to new API) - many users (including me) are looking to switch and this would be nice additional reason to choose Vivaldi.

  • You can make a feature request for tab color.
    -----> Tree Tabs is already being worked on (3rd party).

  • @zeyyllepa If Chrome has it as an add-on, it should/could work in Vivaldi. Search and come back and if it doesn't ... CSS might be able to do that. If not JS hookups can certainly do it.

  • Thank you for the Tree Tabs link, that looks really promissing for the Tree Style Tab replacement.

    I believe there is no coloring addon for Chrome (Chrome doesn't allow addons to manipulate the color of the tabs, as far as I know). JS hookups are an interesting idea, although I'm not sure if I am able to implement that.

    I will submit a feature request.

  • Chrome extensions to modify the (chromium) UI won't work on Vivaldi in any case, as it uses its own interface.
    So, feature request or custom css/js are the way to get that; for the domain/page is not possible yet even with modifications.


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