URL suggest is freezing sometimes

  • I've updated Vivaldi Browser today and since that time I'm getting URL suggest freezing quite often.

    • When it happends, it is not dissapearing while navigating on web page or to another tabs.
    • I'm also not able to close tabs.
    • Only Vivaldi restart is helping.
    • Issue happends quite often.

    windows 7 x64

    Can't say that I ever encountered a problem like this.

    Does this only happen with yandex?
    Maybe some of your extensions interfere with this function?
    Does this also happen when you use a fresh profile?
    Here is pretty good explanation on how to do so.

  • I've swiched off all the extensions - problem still appeares.
    Changed the search provider to google - no reproduces from this time.
    So, probably, the bug is with sertain search engine.

    I don't have time to investigate more detales.


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