Allow tab scrolling anywhere on the tab bar

  • Scrolling between tabs should be a simple action — just move to the top and scroll.

    Since you can only scroll when over a tab, you have to remember to aim to the left when there aren't many tabs open. This isn't too bad, but with windows snapped to the side or an upper quadrant you also have to move slightly down so you're not over the border. This changes the action to aiming at a narrow strip.

    The desktop variant of UC Browser solves both issues by letting you scroll anywhere in the tab bar, including the window border. Works great; I never have to look or aim. Should be an easy tweak for Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    @gatesda This is not yet in the Feature Requests thread. That's the right place to post it.

  • Thanks for the tip! I saw you could vote on threads and assumed it worked like some other user feedback sites I've seen.


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