right-hand sidebar behaviour

  • When the sidebar is set to be on the right-hand side of the browser, the sidebar button still stays on the left side. This adds some overhead for accessing the sidebar as users have to switch between the very left and very right parts of the browser, especially if you want to access the settings, which usually are directly on top of the sidebar button. Furthermore, there are some animations on the left side of the browser that shouldn't be there (they should be limited to the right side, wehre the sidebar appears)

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    @fabian This is already in the Feature Requests thread.

  • But doesn't this sound more like a bug ? A requested feature is something that's lacking, this is just mixed up animations and UI.

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    @Deranox Yes, it could be regarded as a bug, but it was not designed to move when the panels are moved, so strictly speaking it is not a bug. I reported it as a bug a long time ago.

    Feature Requests can also be reported via the Bug Tracker.

    (VB-8055) Icon to Show/Hide Panel on Wrong Side if Panels are on the Right


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