Help, I don't understand Pin TAB

  • It seems that a Pin TAB is no more than reducing the size of the TAB. I have a couple of monitoring pages (internal server sites) I would like open at all times.

    Please how do I make
    a) load the TAB when Vivaldi starts up
    b) permanent, ie stop users entering a new URL for that TAB


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    @apel Pin tab also stops it being closed. You cannot lock the URL.

  • @Pesala Pin Tab doesn't stop it from being discarded when you restart anymore. And you can tick an option to prevent it from closing it with shortcut/X/doubleclick, but un-ticked the pinned tab isn't really safe from anything. OP is kinda right, other than the size and the placing it isn't too different from a normal tab anymore.

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    @luetage: Pinned tab is protected for "start with last session." User should have the option to save it for other start modes as well.

  • @Ayespy Every tab is protected by "start with last session". That's not a difference. The discussion is about what really distinguishes a pinned tab from a normal tab. As it turns out very little.

    Regarding the restoring of pinned tabs after restart, that has been discussed exhaustingly and I fear the regarding feature request won't lead anywhere. If a feature request isn't posted in the first few sites of the official thread, it has no chance to get recognition, because most users get tired after checking a few sites of this thread -- a major flaw in our current system. There are a some changes that could address this, but this is not the place to discuss them.

  • @luetage

    where do I find this shortcut/X/doubleclick?

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    • Shortcut means for example Ctrl+W
    • X means the close Tab button at top right
    • Close tab with double-click is an option in Settings, Tabs

    None of these will work if a tab is pinned.

  • @Ayespy

    Pity, I don't want to have "start with the last session" You are quite right, pinned tabs should be preserved regardless of any other settings.

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    @luetage: That's not accurate. The requests are being paid attention to and tracked.

  • @Ayespy How isn't it accurate? I never said the requests aren't tracked, but it's a fact that requests that are placed in the first few sites get the most attention and are therefore overrepresented in the voting. If you argue now that voting doesn't influence the decision about what could be included/worked on/fixed first, I would be very surprised.

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    @luetage: user attention is considered, but not dispositive as to what developers place into the priority stream. There are literally thousands of requests and bug reports, and none of them are ignored - however it is not merely how POPULAR a given request is, but also how difficult it is, and how objectively useful it is. It is never a waste of time to state or recommend a preference, even if the same request is old on the thread, and getting fewer votes. There are thousands of requests, and only five internal priority code levels. Priority is evaluated by a human being who writes code, and to the degree a request is objectively useful, easy to implement, and popular, it will rise to the top of the stack.

    If your otherwise popular request does not appear within a few versions, it is hard. If your otherwise easy request does not appear within a few versions, it is not popular. votes on the feature request thread is FAR from the only consideration.

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    Top of the list is Easy export/import/backup of user data with 164 upvotes.

    On My Opera too, easy backup was one of the most popular requests with a thread ten years old, but it never got implemented.

    The answer from Haavard was, "Just copy your profile folder."

    I resorted to a multi-stage method that I still use:

    1. Clear private data
    2. Close Opera
    3. Select all of the profile folder with its subfolders
    4. Ctrl Click to deselect those folders of no interest to me
    5. Right-click and add to a 7-Zip archive
    6. Enter a strong password (this contains email and contacts)
    7. Backup the archive to DropBox and External media.

    It does not take that long, but long enough that it only gets done when I remember to do it, which may be once a week at best. My most recent backup is 6-4-2017.7z (it is about 24 Mbytes)

    A one click solution that did all of that without closing the browser would be so much better, especially for those who do not spend all day working on their computer.

    Is it hard to implement? Not in Opera, as Stu's backup utility was written to do the job, but maybe it is harder to do in Vivaldi? If not, why are we still waiting? I guess it must be quite hard to do, or it will be included with Sync, which we all know they have been working hard on for ages.

  • @Ayespy Ya... all you just said is that voting indeed has an influence, that there are many other factors is pretty obvious and needn't be explained. So we are on the same mind concerning this issue. All I added is that voting is biased, and that's a fact no one can talk down. If this issue needs to be addressed is another story, but I believe it would make sense to consider it.

  • There should be the "lock tab" option which will prevent tab from changing it's URL and when you click on a link in the tab it will be opened in a new tab


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