Pages are blank after crash

  • Yesterday my browser crashed. I saved open tabs as a session so now my tabs are saved in a .bin file and I can see them when I open the file with a text editor. But when I try to "Open saved session" I see just a white screen

    The other sessions are working well but this one has problems. What can I do? Is there a way to read all the urls in .bin file easily?

  • Same here. After Vivaldi crashed (i.e. did not respond to any commands) just a white screen comes up when opening it again.

  • @moritz It's really annoying...

  • After the fourth restart of the computer it miraculously now seems to work again here. Don't know if that is of any real help.

    However, now there's a new bug: when opening links in background tabs with middle click, the link is opened twice.

    Btw: is there a thread for bug reports or another easy way to submit issues like these?

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