do you going to do it for ios/android browser app

  • i thing its can be but prabley some thing needs to change

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    @nightwing2312 - Andoid is coming. iOS does not allow browsers like Vivalid.

  • I am very excited to have a version of vivaldi in android, and I hope it has the same fluency speed and intuitiveness as in pc

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    @Sergiop1233 You know you have a good team. They will do what they can. Android does not support many of the protocols relied upon by the desktop team, nor is the interface as flexible. So Vivaldi will create a good mobile browser. But you can't ride a horse in a studio apartment.

  • @Ayespy What if it's a rocking-horse?

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    @Steffie: If it's a rocking horse, it will browse only local files. You might enjoy it but it won't take you anywhere. Browsers are about going places. If I want to cover ground (and in my job I do), I'll opt for the Quarter Horse, Paint, or Arabian over the Andalusion. But in no case will I select the rocking horse.:grinning:

  • @Ayespy Do you think we've flogged this poor tired old metaphor far enough yet, or should we redouble our efforts prior to dismount?

  • Any idea whether the Android version will be Chromium based? If so, will the Vivaldi/Android browser be able to use extensions? I am aware that google stated that they have no plans to add extensions to Chrome for Android.

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