Windows 7 - "Set as Default" not working correctly

  • When I click "Set as Default" I'm getting a request for admin privileges to do so. This does not require admin privileges since this is a user preference, and if I have to use an admin account to set the browser as the default, it's likely doing so for the admin account whose privileges are being requested rather than the current actual user. Putting in the credentials for the admin user anyway still results in the browser not being set as the default for the current user, which means whenever the browser is started I'm still asked if I would like to have it set as my default.

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    @DissidentRage: Needing admin access to do various things is a known bug being worked on. Not all issues may get fixed at once.

  • @Ayespy Alrighty then. I've only seen other threads where the "Set as Default" not working was addressed in previous builds. Good to know it's being worked on.

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    I remember such reported but unconfirmed bug.
    VB-26273 "[Win] After un-elevated install, "Set as Default Browser" did not work"

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    There's more off w.r.t. Vivaldi checking it's status as default browser.
    On my Win10 (x64) PC, Vivaldi (x64) is the default browser, yet it thinks it is not.
    It's been like this for a couple of snapshots already. Bug report's been filed.

    0_1494430614579_Afbeelding 046.png


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