Tab hibernation shortcuts

  • Any chance you could add keyboard shortcuts for tab hibernation, especially a "hibernate all tabs" (in all windows, not just the active window)?

    Also - could be useful to include "hibernate tab" and "hibernate all tabs" in the task manager window (similar to "End process" button).


  • Yes, PLEASE! We have shortcuts for almost anything in Vivaldi, one of the reasons you have the best browser in the world, but why are some key one's still missing? Hibernate tabs and hibernate background tabs should, of course, be shortcuts too. I'm so tired of being forced to right-click on a specific tab everytime I want to do this, which is a lot because Win 7 tends to eat ram like crazy regardless of browser.

    I would also like those options in task manager as well, as I use the "End" process now for every tab over 500 MB ram. So I'm forced to have the task manager open at all times, maybe I wouldn't be forced if I had easy shortcuts for all hibernate commands.

    Another thought -- some kind of warning system when a tab exceeds a preset number for how much RAM it's supposed to use. When some Twitch tab or other broken page goes over 1 GB ram, something is wrong, and I would like a fail-safe mechanism for this, maybe auto-hibernate those tabs or something. Let us choose the number ourselves, though, as we all have different amounts of RAM.

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