Update notifier in task manager

  • I´ve noticed that update_notifier.exe *32 is running permanently in task manager.
    Is this normal?.

  • it's because you have settings/autoupdate/notify about new updates when Vivaldi is not running

  • Yes I do. Thanks.

  • Not sure if it's due to lacks in the translation, but in German (and current Vivaldi versions 1.1+), it is not at all obvious that this option is related to a permanent service. Translated back to English, it only mentions "Notify about new updates", but conceals the part "when Vivaldi is not running". I don't mind being reminded about available updates when I start Vivaldi (thus I was afraid to disable this option), but I don't need a service running when the browser is closed. As short as the title of this option is, as ambiguous it is.

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