Get a Speed Dial bookmark description to paste it in the Speed Dial

  • Hello. I want to use SD bookmarks descriptions as a text for thumbnails replacement. I can't use bookmarks names for such purpose because their names and thumbnails text are often differ.

    How can I get bookmarks descriptions? I tried, but I can't find a function for it.

  • Instead of the thumbnail picture you want the description of the bookmark? I'm not sure you are in the right forum.

  • @luetage, for now my Speed Dial looks like this:


    When I think about some site, the first I imagine is its name. It is more comfortable for me to use text thumbnails than pages screenshots. And it looks far less motley. But simple text views are not comfortable for me, too. For the obvious reason, I guess.

    So, I'm planing to use SD bookmarks descriptions for thumbnails captions, because I don't want to create a new image each time I add a new SD bookmark. Usually I don't use this field at all, so I can fill it for some bookmarks with any short caption. I don't want to put a paragraph instead of the thumbnail.

    So... what's wrong?

  • Oh, now I get it. Nothing is wrong. This isn't a trivial mod and probably time consuming. Good luck!

  • @luetage,

    This isn't a trivial mod and probably time consuming

    Well, this is where I see a problem)


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