Where do you sign in to sync in vivaldi ?

  • where do you sign in to sync in vivaldi ? i cant find anything in settings anywhwere like how i can sync in firefox and in chrome. whats the point of using a webbrowser if you cant sync? thats really dumb , especially in this age

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    @Gingle: Vivaldi is working hard on sync. It's a really huge and hard project. It's not available yet.

  • oh , How long is this gonna take? how much longer? 1-2 more weeks? i was happy and thought i found a nice new browser and started customizing it, but now i know there is no sync, im pissed, and as long as there is no sync i wont even bother wasting any time using vivaldi

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    @Gingle: It will be released when it's ready. It's not a few dozen lines of code. It's a huge project. I'm sure the US space program should have been abandoned when it didn't reach the moon in the first 1-2 weeks. You are free to use whatever browser you like. I personally prefer to use the best browser available irrespective of any shortcomings it may have.

  • @Ayespy judging by your name and avatar and mod status, i can safely say with accuracy that you are the all seeing eye around here, that much is clear, which makes me wonder, can you elaborate more on why you use the best browser available irrespective of any shortcomings it may have?

    i have 5 laptops i use regularly , all of them have broswers with a sync feature , so no matter which onw i use i always have everything . so i just cant grasp how youre doing that

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    @Gingle: Well, there's any number of reasons.

    1. I can physically configure it to match my work flow, and I can't do that with any other browser.
      1a) Hierarchical folders in both the bookmarks bar and the speed dial.
      1b) Notes.
      1c) built-in screen cap.
      1d) tab stacking and true tab pinning.
    2. It doesn't bother me to copy a file or two to transfer any needed user data I want to any of my eight towers and three laptops. I'm OK with waiting for sync - especially after having tried to use sync (and catastrophically so) during the first four years of development of the "new" Opera browser - they took years to develop it and it still wasn't ready when they released it.
    3. It has a built-in email client which I get to test (yay)
    4. The founder and developer care about me personally as a user, and take my wants and needs into account in plotting the direction of their development
    5. I get to change its appearance on the fly to suit my mood, if the urge strikes me.

    There are more reasons, but that's a sample.

  • @Gingle And just so you know, Ayespy is FAR from being Robinson Crusoe in those & many other justifications. I am in no way disputing your perception that synch is important to you, but at least for me no synch yet is approximately 0.000% of an impediment to my daily & nightly utilisation of V for fun & work. Its powerful utility & flexibility absolutely dwarf every other browser i've tried [& that is many many -- my browsing period was lean & frustrating after O12, until V]. Finally, though this won't convince you, i opine that the astonishingly fast-grown V Users community is itself a meta-testament to the attraction of V... so many clever knowledgeable power users simply would not be here if they shared your view that without synch a browser is nought.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.
    Vivaldi 1.10.834.9 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)



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