Hide other bookmark folder from bookmark bar ?

  • I don't want folders on my bookmark bar. I just want the few bookmarks I placed there and the rest of the bookmarks to be hidden in their respective list in the bookmark menu.

  • Moderator

    @Deranox: Easy - remove them from the folder you are using for Bookmarks bar. What? You're using the ROOT folder for your bookmarks bar? Don't do that! Instead, move the bookmarks you WANT on the bar to one specific folder, and then assign THAT one to show on the Bookmarks Bar. Then no others will show.

  • THANK YOU! Thank you so much! How didn't I figure this out before ? I'm such an airhead! Now if animations here can be worked on, it'll be sweet. Opening and closing tabs specifically feels very clunky and slow, animation wise.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Moved the topic into a more relevant section 🙂


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