Printing keyboard shortcuts

  • Is there a way to print out the keyboard shortcuts? Are the shortcuts saved in a text file or other human readable format somewhere?

  • Human readable? You can look up all the shortcuts on the keyboard cheat sheet which can be accessed through the help menu. I guess if you make screenshots you can also print them. But I don't know if there is a normal .txt file yet.

  • @luetage The problem with screen shots is that no one screen shot will capture the entire list. Also, if I take screen shots and try to print them it would waste a lot ink and paper. This just seems to me as one of those areas where a link to a "printer friendly" page or version would make a lot of sense.

  • There is no plain text or easy way to print the keys list, they are defined in settings/keyboard and everyone has their own. Ctrl-f1 to bring it up quickly


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