Feature request: hackable url address bar enhancement

  • I still do a lot of url hacking, mostly just changing numbers but also toggling http/https for example. I've made a mock up to show how this could me made easier in a browser address bar: http://www.jugglingedge.com/userfiles/Orinoco/vivaldi/addressbar.html I think this is the sort of feature for power users that would help Vivaldi stand out from the other browsers.

  • You would need to press enter to go to the url. No automatic loading (I may want to change the year AND the month for a wordpress archive for example), & no remembering what part was selected. It should behave the same as if you manually selected the part of the url you want to change & then overtyped a new number. This is just an aid to make manually altering a web address easier.

    It would be nice to have a drop down for changing the tld to the most common .com, .org, .net plus the country specific tld as specified by the users locale too, but this would probably be more trouble than it's worth.

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