Trash icons easy to hide with CSS, but how about the Trash branch?

  • I tend to use different browsers for different purposes and Vivaldi is the one I use for shopping online for all kinds of stuff like clothes, electronics, cosmetics, cognition enhancers etc. It doesn't feel right to have trash icons laying around when I'm doing my shopping, so I'd like to remove them. And I did. But I also would want to remove the Trash-branch from the bookmarks hierarchy. Can I do that by changing the common.css?

    This hides the trash icons from top and from the bookmarks hierarchy:

    .folder-trash, .trash {
      display: none !important;

    This page contains instructions on how to implement your modification.

  • @luetage I don't agree and you should have been aware that your answer won't instruct me to do anything meaningful.

  • I apologize, I hope my initial answer didn't ruin your day. This will rid your Vivaldi of all the trash, may your shopping be blessed.

    .panel-bookmarks .tree-item:last-of-type, #notes-panel .tree-item:last-of-type, .manager-treeview .tree-item:last-of-type, #tabs-container .trash {
    	display: none;


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